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3 Myths About Programming

March 21, 2017

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Myth 1) You're bad at programming so it's not meant for you. 

For most of us, when we start coding we quickly realize how hard it is. We  begin to think that we're bad at programming and that it's just not for us. However, learning to program is much like learning to write or learning any other skill. It can take a lot of time of being bad at it before you're good at it. Programming has a steep learning curve, so often we turn away from it before we realize that it could indeed be something we'll be great at and enjoy.

Myth 2) Programming is not creative. 

Coding is actually creative because it's all about problem-solving. When you code, you're figuring out ways to do something that couldn't have been done before, or you're figuring out how to do something much better than before.  Facing a screen waiting to be filled with your code is much like facing a piece of paper waiting for your words to be written. You can create anything you want. If you're a highly creative person, coding might be something you love.

Myth 3) I have to have a Computer Science degree to program. 

According to Stack Overflow's survey, almost half of the developers surveyed do not have Computer Science degrees. While for some a CS degree might still be useful, there are many options today that are cheaper and more efficient. There are tons of coding boot camps and online courses you can do if you're motivated enough to become a developer. There's also the argument to be made that many colleges teach out of date programming languages and do not use the best, most relevant practices and techniques commonly used on engineering teams today.

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