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Hi, I'm Madison

I'm a software developer @Mediavine. I created my blog to document what I'm currently learning. Sign up to my email list to get tips on learning how to code that I don't share anywhere else.

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Coders By Clive Thompson

May 17, 2019

My notes from Clive Thompson's new book Coders. The software update that changed reality (ch 1) If you look at the history of the world, there are points in time when different professionsl… Read Article →

Notes on the Basecs Podcast Episode 2: What is Encoding?

April 29, 2018

The basecs podcast is about computer science basics and based on Vaidehi Joshi's base.cs blog series. I wrote up some notes on what I learned in episode 2 season 1. What is Encoding? In the… Read Article →

If You Need More Time, Schedule Time To Be Distracted

April 04, 2018

Does this sound like you? Last year, I would use my time like this: If I had an hour between work and dinner, I'd read some good blog posts. If I had twenty minutes before a meeting, I'd… Read Article →

Staying In Spain in March

March 10, 2018

I'm in Tenerife, Spain with the entire Conversio team. Obligatory working from a hammock photo above.:) The whole team works remotely and is spread out from California to the UK to South… Read Article →

Notes on a React Tutorial by Kent C. Dodds

December 30, 2017

Kent C. Dodds has a React beginners tutorial that starts with the absolute basics of React, and it's fantastic. It is a free course, so I can put all my notes out here on my blog (his… Read Article →

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