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Completing freeCodeCamp's JavaScript And Algorithms Certificate

I’m currently taking freeCodeCamp’s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification for the first time and recording myself code as I go through each part of the curriciulum. I decided to do this as a fun refresher and to strenghten my core JS skills. I’ve never completed this curriciulum before, and there are several parts I’m excited for - in particular, the section on understanding regular expressions.

If you’d like to join me in completing this certification, sign up to my code club, and once you’re in our discord, joint he #freecodecamp-curriciulum channel. Here you can post when you get stuck, or discuss the challenge with me as you go.

My goal is to upload a new video each week and finish the certification in 10 weeks.

  1. Basic JavaScript - Incomplete
  2. ES6 - Incomplete
  3. Regular Expressions - Incomplete
  4. Debugging - Incomplte
  5. Basic Data Structures - Incomplete
  6. Basic Algorithm Scripting - Incomplete
  7. Object Oriented Programming - Incomplete
  8. Functional programmming - Incomplete
  9. Intermmediate Algorithm Scripting - Incomplete
  10. JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures Projects - Incomplete

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