4 Reasons Why I Love Horseback Riding

  1. Horseback riding is the most beautiful form of meditation. When you’re riding a horse, especially if you learn to gallop (a very fast pace your horse runs at) you must stay in the moment because your life depends on it. And it’s a beautiful moment to stay in. The noise of your thoughts goes away as the beat of the hooves of your horse become as vital as the beat of your heart.
  2. When you ride, you learn to intensely focus your mind and body. When you ride alone in the woods, anything can happen. You must focus deeply on guiding your horse, noticing your surroundings and speaking to your horse by using your hands, legs and feet. The connection of mastering how to ride a horse and guide him is like no other. You’re forced to get out of your head and connect with your horse, with every step of the journey he takes you on.
  3. Horseback riding lets you be free.When you ride, you put your life in the hands of an enormous, magnificent creature. Horses are much different than domestic animals like dogs and cats. When you’re racing through the woods and letting your horse run, you cannot help but feel his natural instinct to just run freely. You feel your own instinct to be free, you feel the desire to run in any direction you wish through a forest that never ends, you feel a longing you didn’t know you had. You become free.
  4. Riding a horse through the woods makes you feel as though you left behind the modern world and fell into the pages of the Lord Of The Rings, and every other stunningly epic fantasy novel you’ve read. And nothing can top that feeling.

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